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Xcel's Award Winning Infiniti LTD: Everything you need to know

We’re incredibly excited to now be stocking Xcel’s incredible range of wetsuits and surf accessories. Their unwavering dedication to research, development and product innovation has resulted in an astounding product range, including the award-winning Xcel Infiniti LTD.

If you haven’t heard of SIMA before, it’s the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, and they’re essentially the voice of the surf industry. They host a yearly award ceremony highlighting great kit and awesome brands across a range of categories, but in 2019 Xcel took Wetsuit of the Year with their insanely innovative Infiniti LTD.

Xcel released two revolutionary new technologies, Channel Flex and Radiant Rebound. Both went into the Infiniti LTD, and it turned out to be a winning combination…

Channel Flex

Channel Flex is featured on the exterior of the suit. It’s a lightweight, hydrophobic, gridded material, which breaks up tension in the material by reducing fibre and water weight. This means the wearing has extreme flexibility and a completely free range of motion.

Radiant Rebound

This metallic technology works similarly to a foil blanket. A metal lining under the textile blocks cold temperatures from penetrating the outer layer of the suit, and simultaneously reflects heat generated within the wetsuit back towards the body. The result? A constant state of warmth.

For a closer look at all the innovative details that make this suit so impressive, check out this video:

Other incredible features of the Xcel Infiniti LTD include:

  • Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone: This eco-friendly, limestone based neoprene has unrivalled memory and rebound, whilst being lighter, warmer and softer than the average neoprene.
  • Glide Skin Collar: A durable, smooth-skin collar creates a watertight neck seal which prevents flushing.
  • Semi-Dry Zipper: Magnetic closure to keep water out.
  • Engineered Fit System: Meticulously designed to fit you like a second skin.
  • Back Knee Flex Grooves: Articulated pre-bent knee with grooves to prevent folding behind the knee and provide better comfort.
  • Triple Glued & Blind Stitched Seams: A totally water-tight seam construction. Foam edges are glued multiple times before being pushed together, creating air/water-tight seal, then stitched a quarter way through the foam to give it the strength needed.
  • FusionX Tape: The next generation precision tape technology, applied by a machined heat-pressure process which bonds tape directly to suit. This ensures maximum seam durability while eliminating need for excess glue that can cause irritation.
  • Nexskin Wrist Seals: Minimises flushing.
  • Water Based Glue: Xcel have turned solvent-based laminating glue into water-based glue, eliminating harmful, volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Updated on 3rd November 2020

Originally published on 28th October 2020 in Wetsuit Guides

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