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What's s'up with your SUP? A guide through some common issues

Luckily, stand up paddle boarding is one of the lower maintenance hobbies you can do. But, just like you, your stand up paddle board will need some looking after to be in its best shape.

We caught up with buyer Will to find out how he takes care of his SUP. Below, we run through some common issues and how they can be fixed.


  1. How to pack your SUP up
  2. How to fix a leaking valve
  3. How to straighten your fins

How to pack your SUP up

Packing up your paddle board wrong could cause damage to it. In order to ensure your board remains durable and in good shape, make sure you pack it up using these instructions.

  1. We suggest starting off by laying your deflated board on a flat surface.
  2. Ensure your board is dry and clean of any water/debris by drying it off with a towel.
  3. Roll your board around your pump before strapping it up and placing it in its bag.

Watch this video to help.


How to fix a leaking valve

If your valve is loose or leaking air it’s probably because it’s slightly misaligned or it needs tightening up.  This a common issue but isn’t anything to be concerned about.  It’s super easy to sort out as part of your regular SUP maintenance regime, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Retrieve your SUP repair kit from your bag and locate the valve tool.
  2. Remove the valve dust cap and loosen the valve using the valve tool.
  3. Fully unscrew and remove the valve.
  4. Check the O ring is in place and that the spring on the pin is functioning.
  5. Check the valve thread for any other obstructions.
  6. Screw the valve back into your SUP hand tight, and then finish with the valve tool.

Watch this video to help.

How to straighten your fins

If your integrated fins are bent, here’s what you should do.

This isn’t a fault, in fact, Integrated SUP fins are designed to be flexible.  It allows them to be tough, yet easy to roll away with your board.  Every now and then they can lose their shape while your SUP is in storage, so it’s worth checking them after long periods in the bag.  Follow these simple steps as and when needed:

  1. Use a hair dryer or hot water to heat the fins. This makes them flexible enough to bend.
  2. Bend the fins back to their proper position.
  3. Use some tape to hold the fins in place while cooling.
  4. If you’re keen to get back on the water, use some cold water to speed the cooling process up.

Watch this video to help.


If you have any other issues with your SUP, get in touch with our friendly customer service team. 

Written by Lucy Harris.

Published on 14th February 2022 in Guides

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