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Billabong Boots

Billabong Wetsuit boots are a worthwhile investment for any keen surfer, as not only will they keep your feet warm, they’ll also provide extra grip on your board. Even if you’re not a surfer, boots can protect your feet from any sharp rocks or weever fish hiding in the sand (trust us, weever stings are not pleasant), so they’re a good idea for bodyboarders and swimmers too. Always at the top of their game with surfing technology, it’s no surprise that Billabong boots are some of our favourites here at Wetsuit Outlet. You can choose between shorter wetsuit booties or ankle-covering surfing boots, which can take a little more effort to get on but are generally more secure and warmer, as they overlap with a full-length wetsuit meaning your ankle is fully covered.

For the coldest days, all of the Billabong Furnace boots are made with Billabong’s famous carbon fibre quick-dry thermal lining, which retains heat more effectively than traditional fibres. The Carbon Furnace range includes 3mm wetsuit boots up to 7mm for winter surfing. At the other end of the spectrum, the Billabong 2mm Pro Reef Boots are ideal for slipping on for a bit of extra protection when the sea is warmer. Another thing to consider is whether you want a round toe or a split toe boot. The split toe can stop your feet sliding inside the boot, making it easier to grip on a surfboard, however, having your big toe separate is less effective for retaining warmth than having all of your toes together in a round toe boot, so keep this in mind when considering the thickness you need as well. Whichever you go for, make sure you get a pair that fit you properly – if you go too big you might end up losing your shiny new boots mid-surf, too small and you might not be able to feel your feet for other reasons than the cold…

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