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Helping to choose your perfect wetsuit has been at the heart of Wetsuit Outlet since we got started in 2004, because we love watersports as much as you do. Whatever your budget, we offer high quality wetsuits from the top surfing brands, including Billabong, Mystic, Animal, Quiksilver, Roxy, Gul and 2XU. All are in stock at our dedicated centre and available for fast delivery now, so you can shop today for steamers, hooded wetsuits, shorties and spring suits as well as neoprene tops, rash vests, boots, gloves, hoods and even sunsuits for toddlers.

We offer every choice of size, style, colour and brand, but in the face of such a big selection how to choose your wetsuit? While we have a great returns policy, it’s much less hassle to get things right first time – which is why we've broken down the key features and how they relate to intended use in this blog.

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Billabong Youth Wetsuits RangeBillabong Youth Wetsuits Range

Young surfers to premium warmth and style with Billabong's Grom line. Built tough for the next generation of wave riders.

Billabong Foil Wetsuit RangeBillabong Foil Wetsuit Range

Top-tier performance without breaking the bank with Billabong's Foil series. Sustainable, warm, and wallet-friendly.

Billabong Natural Rubber Wetsuit RangeBillabong Natural Rubber Wetsuit Range

The movement towards sustainable surfing with Billabong's natural rubber wetsuits. Ethical, flexible, and performance-driven.

How do I choose a wetsuit?

There's a huge amount of variation across wetsuits, but don't let this put you off. We’ve broken it down into the key things you want to consider when choosing your next suit.

- Thickness: Wetsuit thickness is measured in millimetres, and you'll be able to find this easily in the product description of all our wetsuits. Some suits will only use one thickness of neoprene, for example, a 2mm shorty. Often though, wetsuits are made from a combination of thicknesses so, for example, a '3/2 wetsuit' uses 3mm neoprene at the core where you need to retain warmth and 2mm for the limbs where greater flexibility is appreciated.

- Entry System: You'll find back zip, chest zip and zipperless wetsuits across our website, and which one you choose is largely down to personal preference. Back zip suits are generally easier to get on and off, but zipperless will offer the most flexibility. You can read more about different types of entry systems in our guide to wetsuit zips.

- Sport: Think about what you plan to use your wetsuit for. Surfers and kayakers will benefit from extra flexibility around the arms and shoulders, whereas sailors will appreciate extra reinforcement on the backs of the thighs and knees, and triathletes will be looking for optimum streamlining, stretch and a suit that’s easy to get off for transitions.

How should a wetsuit fit?

A wetsuit should fit you like a second skin, as it works by trapping a very thin layer of water against your skin and uses it to insulate your body. If your wetsuit is baggy, the water will keep flushing through, pulling cold water in. If it's too small, then there’s less space for that water layer, plus of course you'll be very uncomfortable and won't have the flexibility to make the most of your sport.

What thickness wetsuit do I need?

Warm water – Whether you're heading somewhere tropical or just enjoying a summer at your local beach, you’ll want something lightweight and ultra-flexible. We recommend wetsuits made of 2mm neoprene or less – ideal for maintaining your core temperature and protecting you from windchill and UV rays without compromising on flexibility. We stock everything from a spring suit or shorty up to a featherweight comp suit for performance surfing, as well as everything in between. We even have models at supermarket wetsuit prices, but from big brands, perfect when you have growing kids that rapidly need the next size up.

Cool water – For cooler water, we recommend a full-length suit to keep you warm and protected. One made of 4mm or 3mm neoprene is ideal, enabling you to stay active and comfortable for longer. A 3/2 wetsuit may well double for warm and cooler water and is a staple for any watersports enthusiast, whether you're looking for an affordable first wetsuit or the latest performance technology.

Cold water – When the temperature really drops, you don't want to be in or around the water in anything less than a 5mm wetsuit. You'll see a lot of our top suits include thermal linings like the Billabong Graphene range, which make a big difference in keeping you warmer for longer. For the real winter warriors, an integrated or separate neoprene hood is a must, as well as protection for hands and feet. We stock a range of hooded wetsuits here, as well as wetsuit hoods, gloves and boots in our wide range of wetsuit accessories.

If you’re still not sure, or have any other questions about wetsuits or watersports, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. You can also head over to our wetsuit blog for guides covering wetsuit thickness choices to care and repair, plus reviews of the latest models that are always arriving here.

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