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Latest: WSO Guide: Choosing a Orca wetsuit

Born in the ocean. Confidence in the water. Read article


Earth Day 2024

Earth Day 2024: Actions for Change

The focus of Earth Day this April 22nd is crystal clear: Plastic Pollution and Our Planet.

Maryam El Gardoum in Morocco

C-Skins NuWave | Maryam El Gardoum

Introducing the brands NEW natural rubber wetsuit range.

We Are Watersports

A 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Surfboard on the beach

Surf Etiquette: 7 Rules You Need to Know

Surf etiquette is actually pretty straightforward ? just memorise these 7 rules and you won't have a problem...

How to Care for your Swim Wetsuit

A step-by-step guide to looking after your swim gear.

What's the Difference Between a Swim and Surf Wetsuit?

A breakdown what makes a swim specific wetsuit stand out.

A Beginner Guide to Competitive Open Water Swimming

9 Guidelines to help you navigate its challenges and hold your own during a race.

Should I Buy a Specialist Open Water Swimming Wetsuit?

A few things to consider before making a purchase.

9 Training Tips for your First Triathlon

Preparing for prime optimal performance.

C-Skins | The NuWave is here

Introducing the brands NEW natural rubber wetsuit range.

WSO Presents: A Wallien wetsuit size guide

Make a more informed purchase with tips, tricks, and a wetsuit test.

Wetsuit Guide: Choosing a Wetsuit for Open Water Swimming

In a specialised swimming wetsuit, you will swim faster, more freely, and in greater comfort.

9 Essentials for Open Water Swimming

A mix of beginner gear and pro-level equipment to suit your needs.

WSO Guide: Choosing a ZONE3 wetsuit

Open water specialists - Enhancing performance, comfort and self confidence.

What Do You Wear Under a Swim Wetsuit?

Answered by Katie Maggs - Snorkel instructor and marine conservationist.

7 Steps to be a More Eco-Conscious Wild Swimmer

To help you out, we have partnered with our friends over at ZONE3.

11 Safety Tips for Open Water Swimming

From Mark Fleming - Open Water Coach and Aqua Fitness Instructor.

Wetsuit size guide: How should a swim wetsuit fit?

How effective a wetsuit is at performing this task is largely a function of how well it fits the wearer.

A man carrying a paddle board with his dog

Red Paddle Co Lineup

Tips and tricks to help you make an informed purchase.

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